M7 Group acquires Fiber Nederland


Transaction summary

LUXEMBOURG, October 9, 2017 – M7 Group (“M7”) has acquired Fiber Nederland and Stipte. The deal will not bring about any noticeable changes for the customers of Fiber Nederland (“Fiber NL”) and Stipte. For Fiber NL, the deal includes all business activities and working staff. No financial details were disclosed.

The takeover took place on 28 September. The companies will be merged with Online, creating increased scale that will lead to purchasing benefits. Stipte was acquired in January 2016 by Fiber NL, a company set up by Oxxio founder Martijn Scherpenzeel. M7 had around 160,000 broadband customers through Online.nl at the end of the second quarter. The number of Fiber broadband clients (including Stipte) was estimated at 35,000-40,000.

Official press release: M7

Emendo Capital acted as exclusive financial adviser to M7.

About Fiber NL

Fiber NL was founded in 2013 by Martijn van Scherpenzeel, who previously co-founded Oxxio (a challenger in the Dutch retail energy market), and today is one of the fastest growing Internet Service Providers (ISP) in the Netherlands. At the start of 2016, Fiber NL acquired Stipte (formerly known as Scarlet Netherlands) and successfully integrated the Stipte business in Fiber NL.

For additional information on Fiber NL, visit fiber.nl.

About M7

M7 Group SA, based in Luxembourg, is one of Europe’s largest operators of satellite and IP-based TV platforms. M7 uses different brands in different countries: CanalDigitaal and Online.nl in the Netherlands, TV Vlaanderen in Flanders and TéléSAT in French speaking Belgium, AustriaSat/HD Austria in Austria, Skylink for the Czech and Slovak markets and M7 Deutschland in Germany. All brands offer tailor made packages for clients adapted to the local culture and language in these countries. Today, M7 Group SA provides more than 3 million viewers with hundreds of satellite and IP-based radio and television services in digital and HD quality. Since 2011, M7 also provides broadband and telephony services to its customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. M7 Platform Services provides broadcasters with end-to-end distribution solutions for DTH, cable and IPTV reception. The European private equity firm Astorg is the majority shareholder of the M7 Group, the two other shareholders are Providence and Airbridge.

For additional information on M7, visit m7group.eu.

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