Emendo advises Delta Shareholders in company restructuring



ZEELAND, 2017 – Between 2013 and 2017 Emendo advised the public shareholders of multi-utility company DELTA on the restructuring of the Company, including the associated transaction processes. In 2013, we helped to formulate a shareholder strategy on the basis of which the restructuring process was executed. This strategy and the ongoing strategic decision making support provided by Emendo to the shareholders committee aided the Shareholders in running diligent, rational and successful political decision-making processes.

As part of the restructuring process Emendo has advised the Shareholders of DELTA on several transactions, such as the € 610m sale of network company DNWG, the € 488m sale of Delta Retail and the € 842m sale of waste management company Indaver.

Emendo Capital acted as exclusive financial adviser to the shareholders of PZEM (formerly DELTA).

About PZEM (formerly DELTA)

PZEM activities are aimed at production, trade and delivery of energy products and –services on the B2B market. We proactively participate in the transition to a CO2 neutral energy supply. PZEM increases the guarantee of energy supply with flexible back-up capacity, in case wind and solar methods generate less energy than anticipated.

For additional information on PZEM, visit pzem.nl.

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