Enexis and Alliander sign agreement regional network exchange


Transaction summary

ARNHEM, July 27, 2015 – Network companies Enexis and Alliander have signed a sale and purchase agreement for the exchange of regional networks. This exchange concerns the energy networks of Enexis in Friesland and Noordoostpolder and that of Alliander in the Eindhoven and Southeast Brabant region (Endinet) as of 1 January 2016.

The deal sees Enexis transferring 51,000 electricity and 196,000 gas connections in the province of Friesland and 28,000 electricity and 27,000 gas connections in the Noordoostpolder area. Alliander, for its part, will transfer the Endinet region, comprising 108,000 electricity and 398,000 gas connections. The move is consistent with the government's policy to organise the network operators' activities based on provincial boundaries.

Official press release: Alliander

Emendo Capital acted as exclusive financial adviser to the Shareholders of Alliander.

About Alliander

Network company Alliander is active in the energy sector, employs approximately 7,000 staff and comprises the Liander, Endinet and Liandon companies. Network operators Liander and Endinet distribute electricity to 3.1 million customers and gas to 2.6 million customers in an area covering over a third of the Netherlands. Liander and Endinet are responsible for maintenance, expansion and innovation of their networks in the provinces of Gelderland, Noord-Holland and parts of Zuid-Holland, Friesland, Flevoland and Noord-Brabant. Liandon provides services relating to the construction and maintenance of complex energy infrastructures.

For additional information on Alliander, visit alliander.com.

About Enexis

Enexis is the regional network operator in the north, east and south of the Netherlands. The company is tasked with the development and construction of energy distribution networks (gas and electricity) and the maintenance and management of these networks. Acting as the link between the customer and the energy supplier, Enexis is responsible for the supply of energy to more than 2.7 million customers. Enexis has 4,300 employees.

For additional information on Enexis, visit enexis.nl.

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